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Almost everybody’s got an angle – a way of putting something over on the next guy. Some of these schemes are legal and some aren’t. Often the schemers justify their actions by claiming that no one gets hurt. In other words, no one is hit over the head, shot, poisoned, or in any manner physically harmed. Better yet, the victims often remain blissfully unaware that they have been had. Broadly speaking, these are all stories of victimless crimes. The criminal comes out ahead, while his or her victims are unaware of their losses – if any. So, what’s not to like? Especially if the criminal is interesting and creative. Like the storyteller himself. Are any of these stories autobiographical? Actually, a couple of them are. Not only did I change the names, but the statutes of limitation have long since passed. So, don’t even think about turning me in. As you probably already know, there is only one big city. Everything else is fly-over country. As you can tell by my attitude, I’ve lived here my entire life. So, if you’re also a New Yorker, then much of this will be familiar. But if you’re not, then you’re gonna have a lot to learn. 

Small Crimes in the Big City consists of a dozen unrelated short stories and a novella. But before you begin, just a word of caution: Don’t try any of these schemes on your own. Just leave them to the professionals.