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Three naive young women find a Greenwich Village bar filled with handsome young men that is too good to be true.

A middle-aged man in desperate need of a swing partner decides to bring his unwitting mother.

A guest convinces a group of Mensa members that he earned his PhD in a remedial program for students with low IQs.

A young woman discovers that her blind date is a priest.

A very fat naked man manages to lock himself out of his apartment.

After years of searching for a mysterious woman, a young man may have finally found her.

In New York, true love may come with a parking spot.

When two best friends fall for the same woman, she chooses the wrong one.


From the mid-1960s through the mid-1980s, almost every weekend my friends and I went to several parties a night, never knowing who we would meet or where we would end up. It seemed as though the City was just one big party. It’s ironic that “party” became a verb in the 1980s, because that’s when the party scene began to wind down. Those certainly were the days, my friend.