To The City With Love - By Steve Slavin




Part I:
     Down on the Lower East Side
     The Prince of Sixth Street
     Remember Irina Mahitov
     The Tenants’ Patrol
     Christian and the Santa Claus Bums

Part II:
     Friends and Family
     Fat and Forty
     The Brothers Leibowitz
     Family Connections
     Mother Knows Best
     Bathroom Humor
     Little Things Can Mean a Lot
     The City University of New York Medical
School Quick Weight Loss Diet
     Teaching Avoidance

Part III:
     Loss of Innocence
     A Seat on the Subway
     The First Time
     Being Bonnie
     The Ladies’ Man
     Listening to the Rain
     Peggy Ann

Part IV:

     Writers Anonymous
     The Managed Textbook
     Sam the Man
     The College Man
     Waiting for Goldbar  
     Notes from Jeannie Kaplan
     Just in Case
     True Confession: I Never Dated O.J. Simpson

Part V:
     Before Brooklyn Got Hot
     First Date
     Getting Even
     A Tale of Two Sammys
     I Coulda Been a Contender!
     Meals à la Carte
     Gollah Dead; Shink Held

Part VI:
     Odd Endings
     How Bernie Won
     Tunnel Vision
     A Dog’s Life
     Mistaken Identity
     No Chemistry
     The Girl Who Would Stop Time
     Magazine Madness
     The Token Clerk’s Tale

To The City With Love Volume 1

To The City With Love Volume 2





Part I:
     Party Animals
     Uncle Ben
     A Medical Question
     The King of the Party Circuit
     The Broken Man
     My Night at Mensa
     A Night at the Dakota

Part II:
     Sex in the City
     Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
     The Dinner Test
     Dear Abby
     Mr. Sensitivity
     The Phone Call
     The V.D. Clinic
     Need a Date
     A Man of the Cloth
     Overeaters Anonymous
     The Sexiest Man in the City
     Dreaming of Jolene

Part III:
     Noodleman’s New York
     Naked in the World
     The Personals

Part IV:
     Love in the City
     The Last of the Great Lovers
     Fortune Cookies
     My Rich Uncle
     The Existential Possibility
     John the Plumber
     Humpers in Heaven
     The Prognosis
     The Romantic
     There’s Someone for Everyone
     The Moth and the Flame
     The Wedding Date
     At First Sight
     About the Author



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(562) 715-2347

Martin Sisters Publishing

Press Release



New York Author Brings Life and
Love to the City with Stories

Steve Slavin  

New Yorkers are a unique breed of people, and author Steve Slavin, a resident of the city his entire life, pours his decades of personal experiences with a cast of characters into his new book, "To the City, with Love."

All of his short stories are about New Yorkers. Readers will learn about Lotharios, nymphomaniacs, traditionalists, sexists, idealists, fools, geniuses, sociopaths, perverts, celebrities, nerds, romantics, thieves, procrastinators, losers, savants, misfits, altruists, sex maniacs, depressives, and narcissists.

Slavin recalls that as he wrote some of his stories, he laughed, and sometimes he cried. Many of his stories were told to him by friends, relatives, and sometimes even by complete strangers.

A lawyer friend had a case involving two homeless veterans living in a subway tunnel who got hit by a train – and lived to tell about it. An itinerant college professor told him how he managed to get fired from more than a dozen teaching positions. A woman he knew had pulled the hands off the clock above the information booth in Grand Central Station at a peace demonstration protesting the Vietnam War.

A recovering economics professor, Slavin earns a living writing math and economics books. His short stories have appeared in dozens of literary magazines.       

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